According to an informed source in Tehran, a female political prisoner named “Sakineh Parvaneh” has been transferred from Qarchak Prison in Varamin to Aminabad Psychiatric Hospital in Rey.

The Kurdish civilian from Khorasan was previously held in Evin Prison, but she was transferred to Qarchak Prison in late March.”30-year-old Sakineh Parvaneh surrendered to Iranian forces on the border between Iran and Iraqi Kurdistan about two months ago after breaking off her cooperation with one of the Kurdish opposition parties. She has been transferred to Evin prison after being held in ward 209 of Evin for a while.” the source added. 

Sakineh Parvaneh spent 10 days in solitary confinement before being transferred to Qarchak Prison in Varamin two weeks ago due to writing slogans in Evin Prison. After 4 days in solitary confinement, she was transferred to Aminabad Psychiatric Hospital in Rey.

Parvaneh was reportedly beaten severely and handcuffed during her transfer to Qarchak Prison. At present, there is no news over the health condition of this female political prisoner in the hospital.Following the end of the interrogation of this Kurdish civilian, the prosecutor had issued a bail of 50 million Tomans for her release, but she is still in custody due to her inability to secure the bail.