A woman has been murdered in an “honour killing” by two men of her family in Gangachin, a village of Orumiye in West Azerbaijan Province, western Iran, on 3 February, information taken from an oral source of the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN).
Ashraf Nik Khouei, the victim of the “honour-killing” was 32-year-old and the mother of three, said the source. “She was forced to separate from her husband and live in her parents’ house after a private video of hers with another man circulated publicly.”
According to the source, Nik Khouei’s family pressured her to marry the man, with whom her video was published. However, he refused to marry the victim, and eventually her brother decided to kill her.
Ashraf Nik Khouei’s body was then burnt two men of her family and is currently being kept in Orumiyeh’s Department of Forensic Medicine.
According to the information confirmed by the Kurdistan Human Rights Network, this is the sixth case of “honour killing” of women in various Kurdish regions for nearly a year.