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Iran forces injure three Kurdish Kolbars in Baneh

Iranian armed forces have opened fire wounding three Kurdish Kolbar workers in the Baneh area.

They wounded 30-year-old Kolbar Karzar Azizai and 27-year old Mehdi Ahmadpour on 21 December, a source told KHRN.

The forces had also opened fire at another Kurdish Kolbar worker, Adil Mohammadpou seriously wounding him in the border area of Zele.

Azizai is from the village of Kalileh, Ahmadpour” is from the village of Broyshkan and Mohammadpou is from the village of Broyshkani, all located in the Baneh area.

The source said: “All three injured Kolbars have been transferred to the Baneh hospital for treatment but Adel Mohammadpour is likely to be transferred to one of the provincial hospitals due the severity of his injuries.”

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Iran jails three Kurdish activists over protest against Kolbar killing

An Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Court has sentenced three Kurdish civil rights activists for having taken part in demonstrations that had condemned Iranian armed forces killing unarmed civilian Kurdish Kolbar workers.

Kurdish activist Mustafa Abu Bakri was sentenced to nine months in prions.

Kobra Khalandi was sentenced a to two-and-a-half months in jail and Pouya Adelkhani was sentenced to two months imprisonment.

They were arrested for having called for protests to condemn the killing of Kolbar workers on the Telegram instant messaging application.

Iranian forces killing of two Kurdish Kolbar workers in the Kurdish Baneh area in September led to widespread protests across Kurdish cities and town condemning Iranian government troops.

The security and intelligence forces arrested dozens of Kurdish protesters and others suspected of having had a hand in the organisation of the dissident protests.

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Four Iranian Kurdish activists gone missing after arrest

Iranian security forces have arrested four Kurdish activists in one of the villages of the Gilan-e Gharb area in Kermanshah Province before detaining them at an unknown location.

Sources told KHRN that the detained were Mehdi Babaei, Ghafour Khosravi, Ismail Shokri and Farshad Rahmati.

The Iranian judicial and intelligence authorities have revealed nothing on why they arrested those Kurdish activists and where they have since detained them.

Families of the detained have appealed to several government outlets for information but they have so far heard nothing back on the reason behind the arrest of their relatives.

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Iran authorities release Kurdish poet three days after interrogation

The Iranian authorities have released Kurdish left-wing poet Hossein Bagheri (also known as Jakan Baran) in Ilam three days after they found no sufficient evidence to detain him any longer.

The security forces raided his home and arrested him on 16 December.

He was interrogated for three days at a detention centre of Iran’s intelligence ministry, a source told KHRN.

He was detained for having made several statements on outlawed Iranian Kurdish parties on Telegram messaging application.

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