Investigations carried out by the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) show that various human rights violations have taken place in Iranian Kurdistan in April 2021.

According to the information collected by the statistics and documentation centre of the KHRN, five prisoners have been executed by Iran and two civilians have been shot dead by security forces in April.

At least 19 Kurdish civilians and activists have been detained and six others have been sentenced to varying terms in jail in April. Two kolbars have lost their lives in border areas while 13 have been wounded, either as a result of incidents, torture, or being shot by Iranian military forces.

April also saw two workers lose their lives due to the explosion of a landmine found among metal scraps in Kermanshah. Also, one worker has lost his life in a work incident in Iraqi Kurdistan, and six workers have been injured in work incidents in Iran.


In April, Iran executed five prisoners sentenced to death penalty on drug-related charges.

NameExecution locationExecution date
Ahad HabibvandOrumiyeh Central Prison4-Apr-21
Mohammad Karim MahmoudiOrumiyeh Central Prison4-Apr-21
Sadeq MohiOrumiyeh Central Prison4-Apr-21
Bayazid RashidiOrumiyeh Central Prison10-Apr-21
Arsalan MoradiBirjand Prison12-Apr-21

Killing of civilians by security forces

On 14 April, forces of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) opened fire at a house in the Mowlik village of Mako, West Azerbaijan province, using light and semi-heavy weapons and killed a 40-year-old civilian named Ahmad Arsan.

On 27 April, the police opened fire on a vehicle of a civilian named Sohbat Samadi-Nasab, who comes from Dalahu district of Kermanshah province, while he was travelling on Dalahu Road. The civilian was severely injured and eventually lost his life in hospital a few days later.


At least 50 Kurdish civilians and civil rights activists were summoned and interrogated in the security institutions of various cities across Iranian Kurdistan. At least 19 people were detained throughout the month. Of these detainees, juveniles Armin Mohammadi and Nima Hassanpour and were detained on the accusation of raising the flag of Kurdistan.

NameDetention locationDetention date
Fardin MowloudiSanandaj1-Apr-21
Salah BahramianOshnavieh11-Apr-21
Satar KarimiDehloran13-Apr-21
Saeid KarimiDehloran13-Apr-21
Shahram ArsanMaku14-Apr-21
Mohammad ArghaMaku14-Apr-21
Marziyeh Gholam-VeysiSanandaj24-Apr-21
Sirwa AbdollahiSanandaj24-Apr-21
Ataollah Reza-BabaeiSanandaj24-Apr-21
Mehdi SeyfiSanandaj24-Apr-21
Fardin RahimiSanandaj24-Apr-21
Rasoul AbdollahnezhadPiranshahr26-Apr-21
Amir RezaeiSanandaj28-Apr-21
Arash AhmadianSanandaj28-Apr-21
Aram MoradianSanandaj28-Apr-21
Armin MohammadiOrumiyeh28-Apr-21
Nima HassanpourOrumiyeh28-Apr-21
Kaveh MenbariSanandaj28-Apr-21
Sherko MenbariSanandaj28-Apr-21


During this period, one kolbar was killed in torture by Turkish military forces, one lost his life due to falling from mountain heights and 13 others were injured, mainly as a result of shootings by the military forces located in the border areas. Two kolbars Bahram Samadi and Foad Rahpeykar were tortured by Iranian border guards.

NameIncident locationIncident dateInjured/Dead
Hakim OsmaniBorder areas9-Apr-21Injured
Esmaeil RahimiBaneh border area9-Apr-21Injured
Zaher KhezrzadehBaneh border area15-Apr-21Injured
Farshad KhoshmaramOshnavieh border areaMid-Apr-21Injured
Hassan KachanlouMaku border area15-Apr-21Dead
Bahram SamadiMaku border area15-Apr-21Injured
Hiwa QaderiBaneh border area17-Apr-21Dead
Haji Mineh AliSardasht border area17-Apr-21Injured
Foad RahpeykarHawraman border area22-Apr-21Injured
Zanyar Hatam-PanahMarivan border area25-Apr-21Injured
Karvan ManouchehriMarivan border area25-Apr-21Injured
Salah Vatan-DoustMarivan border area25-Apr-21Injured
Aram ManouchehriMarivan border area25-Apr-21Injured
Soran Vatan-DoustMarivan border area25-Apr-21Injured
Rahmatollah QadernezhadTah Tah Ghaut in Hawraman28-Apr-21Injured

Landmine explosions

On 29 April, two scrap metal vendors in Kermanshah, lost their lives during the explosion of a landmine they found among scrap metals.

NameExplosion locationExplosion dateStatusDescription
Mohammad BazvandKermanshah29-Apr-21Deadscrap metal vendor
Mohammad Rasoul RahimiKermanshah29-Apr-21Deadscrap metal vendor

Worker injuries

At least six workers in April lost their lives due to work incidents in various cities of Iran and one died in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

Prison sentences

In April, at least six Kurdish civilians and activists were condemned to sentences varying from one year to life sentence. Of these people, Arsalan Khodkam’s sentence was reduced from death penalty to life sentence. He was previously sentenced to death on charges of “enmity against God” and “espionage for the KDPI”.

NameCharged withSentence
Arastou Molla-RahimiMembership in the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (KDPI) and propaganda against the state38 months and two days in prison
Javanmir MoradiPropaganda against the stateOne years in prison
Ayoub SalakhoriInsulting the [supreme] leadership, propaganda against the state, publishing lies11 years in prison
Jalal NamdariActing against national security, attending Aban (November 2019) protests8 years in prison
Saeid KhalediActing against national security, propaganda against the state5 years in prison
Arsalan KhodkamEnmity against God, espionage for the KDPIDeath penalty reduced to life sentence