Iranian border forces shot dead a 30-year-old man named Hemin Hamzeh in the Boyuran village of Sardasht, West Azerbaijan province, on 11 November.

The forces of the Sardasht Border Regiment raided the village under the pretext of taking the goods carried by kolbars and tried to enter some houses without presenting court orders.

These forces engaged in arguments with the residents of the village and shot at them from close range.

Hamzeh, the father of two children, was killed by a bullet that hit his chest.

The killed civilian’s sister, Amaneh Hamzeh, was also injured during the shooting. Her condition is reported to be critical.

In the evening, the body of the civilian was returned from the department of forensic medicine in Sardasht to the village and was buried in the presence of hundreds of civilians chanting the slogan “Martyrs do not die”.