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March 29, 2023

Iranian police shoot, kill Kurdish man in Kermanshah

Iranian police shot dead civilian Azad Rezaei after chasing him near Niayesh Square in Kermanshah on 27 March. The Kurdish man was shot directly in the head after being chased by the police for not having his car papers. The civilian’s body was taken to the forensic medicine department, but the medical examiner has not yet returned it to the family for unknown reasons. Rezaei, 25, came…

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March 28, 2023

Iran judiciary refrains from prosecuting IRGC for killing teenager

Iran’s judiciary has been refraining from prosecuting the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) for killing Behzad Azizi, a 19-year-old Kurdish civilian in Baneh, Kurdistan province. On 22 March, IRGC forces killed Azizi at the Karimabad checkpoint at the entrance of Baneh. Although the young man’s family filed a complaint against the IRGC, the court has taken no action against the IRGC forces and the judicial authorities…

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February 13, 2023

Civilian shot by Iran police dies due to severity of wounds in Orumiyeh

Civilian Daria Mikaeili, who was shot by Iranian police in the Koshtargah neighbourhood of Orumiyeh, West Azerbaijan province, died of his injuries at Khomeini Hospital in the city on 8 February. “On 1 February, the car belonging to Daria Mikaeili, a civilian from Salmas and resident of Orumiyeh’s Koshtargah neighbourhood, was pursued by the police on the pretext of transporting contraband goods. The police shot…

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January 11, 2023

Details of 121 Kurdish people killed during Mahsa (Jina) Amini protests in Iran

According to Iran Human Rights, a total of 481 people have been killed so far during the Mahsa (Jina) Amini protests across Iran, including in Iran’s Kurdish region. KHRN data of confirmed deaths of Kurdish people shows that 121 Kurds have been killed by Iranian security forces during the protests. KHRN has verified this information via multiple sources. At least two sources have confirmed the deaths…

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December 28, 2022

Iran forces shoot dead Kurdish civilian at checkpoint

Iranian forces shot dead 40-year-old Kurdish civilian Frashad Ibrahimi after they opened fire on his vehicle at a checkpoint around the village of Sarqala near the town of Kamyaran, on the Kamyaran-Kermanshah road, on 24 December.  His body was handed back to his family on 26 December following examination by a forensic doctor in Kermanshah, Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) was told.  A photo seen by…

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September 16, 2022

Iran: Kurdish woman dies after arrest and tortutre by morality police in Tehran 

Mahsa (Zhina) Amini died on 16 September after she was hospitalized following her arrest and torture by morality police in Tehran.  She passed away at the intensive care unit of Kasra Hospital in Tehran.  She was arrested on 13 September for having worn the hijab “inappropriately” and was beaten by the morality police on the way to a detention facility.  Her family members and civilians gathered outside the…

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September 14, 2022

Turkish army kills Kurdish civilian in Iran’s northwestern Khoy

Turkish army shot and killed an Iranian Kurdish civilian identified as Asgar Darvishzadeh in the border areas of Khoy, Iran’s West Azerbaijan province, on 13 September. “Asgar Darvishzadeh, who was guiding a group of Afghan civilians who were going to Turkey, was shot and killed by snipers of the Turkish army near the village of Karkush [in Khoy] and on Iranian soil”, said a source…

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August 3, 2022

Police kill two children in Iran’s western Khorramabad

Iranian police opened fire on a civilian vehicle near Khorramabad in Lorestan province, on 31 July, killing two children identified as Mehdi Rashedimanesh and Matin Rashedimanesh. The car belonging to a civilian named Rahman Rashedimanesh from the city of Marivan in the Kurdistan province was shot at for allegedly “carrying contraband goods”. A relative of the family spoke to the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) and…

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July 31, 2022

Anti-smuggling forces kill young man near southwestern Ahvaz

Iran’s anti-smuggling forces killed a young Kurdish man from Kamyaran, Kurdistan province, named Sina Zafari on 29 July. The anti-smuggling forces opened fıre on Zafari’s car on a road near Ahvaz, Khuzestan province, on the suspicion that he was carrying contraband goods. Zafari, 20, was hit by several bullets and was killed on the spot. In the past few years, dozens of Kurdish civilians have been shot…

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Monthly Report of March 2024

In its monthly reports, the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) highlights cases of human rights violations in Kurdistan and violations of the rights of Kurdish civilians in different regions and cities across Iran.

This report includes all cases recorded and reported by KHRN from across Iran through its own sources and verification mechanisms from 1 March to 31 March.

The restrictive environment for independent human rights organisations in Iran, coupled with the pressures faced by individuals subjected to human rights violations and their families, make it difficult to publish accurate and comprehensive reports.

It is therefore important to note that the statistics and information presented in this report do not cover all cases of human rights violations. This report is the result of examining news and reports published by the KHRN and fact-checking of reports published by other human rights organisations and news websites.


According to KHRN’s findings, Iran executed at least four prisoner in March for “premeditated murder”.

Two of the prisoners were executed in Mahabad Prison, in West Azerbaijan Province, and two in Ilam Central Prison.

*Explanation: The KHRN, recognizing the fundamental right to life, publishes and records news and execution statistics without regard to the ethnic background of individuals and the location of the execution. All cases reported to the organisation by credible sources are published after thorough fact-checking.


In the first half of March, three women were killed by their male family members in Orumiyeh and Kermanshah.

Landmine explosions

In March, landmine explosions resulted in injuries to four people, including two kolbars, in Mehran in Ilam Province, Paveh in Kermanshah Province, and Marivan in Kurdistan Province.

Kolbars and tradesmen

In March, at least five kolbars were shot dead by Iranian border guards, two died of frostbite, two died as a result of falling from the border heights, one was tortured to death by Iranian security forces, one died of a heart attack, one died in a road accident and another died as a result of the overturning of a car chased by police.

A total of 60 kolbars were injured during this period. Of these, 38 were shot by Iranian border guards, nine fell from heights at the border, four were injured in landmine explosions, three were beaten by border guards, two were beaten by Iraqi border guards, two were injured in road accidents, one was injured by stones thrown by border guards, and one was injured in a car that fell from heights at the border.

The identities of three of the kolbars injured in falls from border heights remain unknown and are therefore not included in the table in this report.

Detentions and arrests

Throughout March, Iranian forces arrested at least 20 civilians, including a child and two artists.

At least four of the detained civilians were sent to prisons in Marivan, Saqqez, Naqadeh, and Ilam to serve prison sentences.


In the past month, Iranian courts have sentenced at least four people to punishments ranging from three months to 13 years in prison.

Security forces wound two young men

On 21 March, security forces attacked a group of young people in Kermanshah, Kermanshah Province, for playing music and having fun. As a result of the forces’ shooting, two Kurdish youths, Mohammad Ahmadian and Arman Basiri, were seriously injured in the leg.

The incident took place in the Eastern Park near the historical site of Tagh-e Bostan.

  • Executions
  • Femicide
  • Landmine explosions
  • Kolbars and tradesmen
  • Detentions and arrests
  • Sentences
NameFromCharged withExecution dateExecution locationExplanation
1Fakhraddin MangournezhadOshnaviehPremeditated murder7 MarMahabad prison
2Abbas DadvarMahabadPremeditated murder7 MarMahabad prison
3Moein SalavarzizadehAbdanan, Ilam ProvincePremeditated murder11 MarIlam Central Prison58 years old, executed after 32 years of imprisonment for killing his brother
4Mansour MansouriSarableh, Ilam ProvincePremeditated murder11 MarIlam Central Prison34 years old, his execution was carried out faster due to the pressure of the security institutions on the victim’s family
NameIncident locationIncident dateExplanation
1Ziba SayyadOrumiyeh10 Mar27 years old, divorced after enduring domestic violence for a long time, shot dead by ex-husband shortly after the divorce
2Parivash BayatKermanshah14 MarMaryam Razmjou’s mother, shot dead by son-in-law
3Maryam RazmjouKermanshah14 MarShot dead by husband due to a family dispute, her brother Sadegh Razmjou was also killed in the shooting
NameLocation of incidentDate of incidentStatusExplanation
1UnknownMehran5 MarInjured
2UnknownMehran5 MarInjured
3Mohammad MiraniPaveh7 MarAmputationKolbar, landmine explosion in the border areas of Nowsud
4Aboubakr RostamianMarivan7 MarInjuredKolbar, landmine explosion in the border areas of Nowsud
NameFromIncident locationIncident dateDead/InjuredExplanation
1Fardin (surname unknown)MarivanNowsud1 MarInjuredShot by border guards
2Ali ZarghamiTakabSaqqez3 MarKilledShot by border guards
3Raouf GhaderiSaqqezBaneh3 MarInjuredShot by border guards
4Fakhraddin YousefiBanehBaneh4 MarInjuredShot by border guards
5Arash GheysarianBanehBaneh4 MarInjuredShot by border guards
6Ata HosseiniPavehNowsud6 MarKilled32 years old, shot by border guards, died on 14 March due to the severity of his injuries
7Afshin NazariSalas-e BabajaniNowsud6 MarInjuredBeaten by border guards
8Zanyar SayahiBanehBaneh6 MarInjuredFather of two, shot by border guards
9Edris KhakpourSaqqezSaqqez6 MarInjuredShot by border guards at close range after being beaten by them
10Mehdi AnvariSaqqezSaqqez6 MarInjured23 years old, shot by border guards
11Arsalan NazariDalahuNowsud6 MarInjuredShot by border guards
12Heydar (surname unknown)SaqqezSaqqez6 MarInjuredShot by border guards at close range after being beaten by them
13Mohammad MiraniPavehNowsud7 MarInjuredAmputation due to a landmine explosion at the border of Nowsud
14Aboubakr RostamianMarivanNowsud7 MarInjuredLandmine explosion
15Bahman BadriJavanrudNowsud8 MarInjuredFall of car from heights
16Fayegh BehniaSaqqezNowsud8 MarInjuredShot by border guards
17Hiva RahimniaBaneh8 MarInjuredShot by border guards at close range after being beaten by them
18Aram ManouchehriMarivanMarivan9 MarDiedOverturning of the car during the police chase
19Hadi (surname unknown)Nowsud11 MarInjuredShot by border guards
20Massoud MansouriNowsud11 MarInjuredShot by border guards
21Omid MoradiMarivanNowsud11 MarInjuredHit by stones thrown by border guards
22Mohammad (surname unknown)Nowsud11 MarInjuredShot by border guards
23Naseh MohammadiSalas-e BabajaniNowsud11 MarinjuredRoad accident
24Akam Veys-MoradiSalas-e BabajaniNowsud11 MarinjuredRoad accident
25Mansour AziziHawraman, MarivanNowsud12 MarinjuredFell from border heights
26Khabat FarajiSanandajNowsud12 MarInjuredBeaten by border guards
27Teymour TahmasebiDalahuNowsud12 MarInjured32 years old, father of two children, shot by border guards
28Mohammad GanjehPiranshahrPiranshahr12 MarKilledShot by border guards
29Mohammad TowfighiBanehBaneh13 MarInjuredShot by border guards
30Hassan RastgouSardashtNowsud13 MarInjuredFell from border heights
31Khalil ShogarSardashtNowsud13 MarInjuredFell from border heights
32Sheikheh (surname unknown)SardashtNowsud13 MarInjuredFell from border heights
33Seyvan BaterMarivanMarivan13 MarDiedRoad accident
34Alan MohammadiMarivanMarivan13 MarInjuredShot by border guards
35Saadi HosseiniBanehBaneh13 MarInjuredShot by border guards
36Shadman ShokriPavehNowsud13 MarInjuredShot by border guards
37Farough SeydiJavanrudNowsud14 MarInjuredShot by border guards
38Shahrokh VelianehSanandajNowsud14 MarInjuredShot by border guards
39Kosar AhmadiSanandajNowsud14 MarInjured24 years old, shot by border guards
40Keyhan AhmadiSanandajNowsud14 MarInjured42 years old, shot by border guards
41Ahmad NabizadeganSardashtBaneh14 MarinjuredBeaten by Iraqi border guards
42Kavan RostamiKamyaranBaneh15 MarInjuredBeaten
43Rahim MohammadzadehRabat, SardashtBaneh16 MarKilledTortured to death by security forces who then threw his body down from mountain heights
44Afshar BabaeiSarvabadNowsud16 MarInjuredShot by border guards
45Nouri Darreh-ZiyaratSaqqezBaneh16 MarInjuredShot by border guards
46Sirous MoradiKamyaranThe border of Iraqi Kurdistan16 MarInjuredBeaten by Iraqi border guards
47Soleyman AminiBanehBaneh19 MarInjuredShot by border guards
48Milad MohammadiJavanrudNowsud22 MarInjured15 years old, fell from border heights
49Peyman AhmadiJavanrudNowsud23 MarKilledShot by border guards
50Soran AbdiBaneh24 MarKilledShot by border guards
51Mohammad Bayer MohammadiJavanrudNowsud24 MarDiedHeart attack
52Hastiyar AbdolkarimiDivandarrehSaqqez24 MarDied15 years old, frostbite
53Milad HosseiniDivandarrehMarivan24 MarInjured16 years old, shot by border guards
54Arvin HaghaniSaqqezBaneh24 MarInjuredShot by border guards
55Jamil AbdiJavanrudNowsud24 MarInjuredShot by border guards
56Saeid SalousiPiranshahrPiranshahr25 MarDied33 years old, frostbite
57Reza NazariNowsud25 MarInjuredShot by border guards
58Raouf AhmadiSardashtSardasht26 MarInjuredLandmine explosion
59Jabbar AhmadzadehSardashtSardasht26 MarInjuredLandmine explosion
60Mohammad YousefiNowsud26 MarInjuredShot by border guards
61Mohammad MahmoudiNowsud26 MarInjuredShot by border guards
62Ehsan NazariNowsud26 MarInjuredShot by border guards
63Omid ShamsiNowsud26 MarInjuredShot by border guards
64Yasin (surname unknown)Nowsud26 MarInjuredShot by border guards
65Saman RostamiNowsud26 MarInjuredShot by border guards
66Gholamreza FeyziNowsud26 MarInjuredShot by border guards
67Shoresh ShokriMarivanHawraman, Sarvabad28 MarDiedFell from border heights
68Siamak YounesiHawraman, Sarvabad28 MarInjuredFell from border heights
69Aboubakr MakhouzifardSardashtSardasht28 MarDiedFell from border heights
NameDetention locationDetention dateActivityLocation held and latest status
1Shahab DarabiEslamabad-e Gharb1 MarCivilian
2Khabat VeysiMarivan2 MarStudentTaken to Marivan Prison to serve 15 months
3Soleyman AbdiSaqqez3 MarKurdistan Teachers Union activistTaken to Saqqez Prison to serve 8 months
4Ramin GorganiKamyaran5 MarCivilian
5Farzad MahmoudpourOshnavieh5 MarCivilian arrested during 2022 anti-government protestsTaken to Naqadeh Prison to serve 5 years
6Faryad GhaderiSarvabad, Kurdistan province10 MarFormer political prisonerArrested after being summoned to the Sanandaj Public Prosecutor’s Office
7Foad ShabaniSanandaj14 MarCivilianDetained after being summoned to the Ministry of Intelligence, released after several hours of interrogation
8Saman Rahman-PanahSaqqez14 MarCivilian arrested during 2022 anti-government protests
9Hamzeh Molla-HassanMahabad17 MarCivilian
10Kamal Galavi-AzarMahabad17 MarCivilian
11Mardin GagoshiPiranshahr17 MarCivilian15-year-old child
12Shahram ShahiOshnavieh17 MarCivilian
13Fakhraddin AhmadiOshnavieh17 MarCivilian
14Rahim SalamatOshnavieh17 MarCivilian
15Amir RahmaniOshnavieh18 MarCivilian
16Saber EbrahimiOshnavieh19 MarCivilian24 years old
17Hassan KakaeiBukan23 MarArtistArrested for singing in Newroz celebrations in Bukan
18Simko NasrollahiBukan24 MarCivilian35 years old, one of the organisers of Newroz celebrations
19Kianoush CheraghiDehloran24 MarCivilianTaken to Ilam prison to serve sentence
20Mohammad AbbaszadehIlam27 MarArtistArrested after taking part in Newroz celebrations in Ilam
NameResident ofCharged withDate sentencedIssuing courtSentenceExplanation
1Sasan Chaman AraIlamPropaganda activity against the state for the benefit of hostile groups and media9 MarBranch One of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Ilam3 months of imprisonment including the period of previous detention and payment of 200 million rials fine
2Omid GhadimiDivandarrehMembership of Komala, propaganda against the state, spreading falsehoods11 MarIslamic Revolutionary Court of DivandarrehTotal of 40 months in prison, fine of 85 million rialsTwo thirds of imprisonment postponed for one year
3Zanyar FattahianBukanPropaganda against the state, inciting people with the intention of disturbing national security12 MarBranch 101 of Criminal Court Two in Bukan18 months imprisonment
4Mohammad Taher HosseinpourNaqadehEnmity against God (moharebeh) through membership of one of the opposition partiesMid MarchBranch One of the Islamic Revolutionary Court in Mahabad13 years of imprisonmentPrisoner was informed of sentence while in prison