Kurdistan Human Rights Network(KHRN)- Head of the Bijar Healthcare Network said that there were 60 cases of suicide attempts, four of which ended in death, last year.

According to ISNA, at the first health forum in Bijar on 30 May, Dr Houshang Fouladi (director of Social Security Treatment in Kurdistan province) has stated that mental health issue was completely different from mental disorders.

He added that suicides are considered a mental disorder and are not merely related to mental health issues.

“A person in the family who has a history of suicide is more likely to commit suicide than others members of the family with no such record. Genetic and family backgrounds are important factors but environmental factors intensify the impact of such factors,”, he continued.

“Brijand city is the fifth most delightful province in Iran and the rate of divorce in this province is fortunately very low.’, he added.

He also said that the unemployment rate in the city was as high as the provincial statistics.

 “We prioritise people’s health over everything and we should all be involved and help in the health debate. We can not expect health care professionals to be 100% responsible for the health of the people.“, Ali Akbar Vermaghani, the governor of Bijar, said.

He added that health officials in Kurdistan believe that their share of responsibility in maintaining people’s health is only 25-30 percent while the remainder of the responsibility falls on other departments and agencies.

 “These meetings and discussions on the health issues will continue with health experts.”, Vermaghani stated.

He continued that experts were expected to hold productive meetings with clear objectives on health issue.

“The slogan of the Bijar Health Assembly in 2018 is care for the health and social vitality.”, Jafari, head of the health centre in Bijar, said

He added that rate of depression in the world is 9-10%, but in Iran, this rate has reached 12.8%. 

“In Bijar, 544 depressed people have been so far identified and being treated while 6113 people (about 9% of which is belong to the city of Bijar) have been identified in the province.”, he said.

Jafari continued that 60 people (39 males and 21 females- of whom 32 people were married) had committed suicide last year while 15 cases happened in the villages and remaining 45 cases occurred in the cities.  

He also said that the suicides had happened among people aged between 15-60 years old and 4 people (including 3 males and 1 female) lost their life.