A group of plain-clothes forces raided a house in the village of Boyuran in Sardasht, West Azerbaijan province, in north-western Iran, on 24 January and wounded three civilians.

The forces raided the home of Azad Hamzeh, the brother of Hemin Hamzeh, a civilian killed by border forces in the village of Boyuran last November, and tried to arrest him without presenting a court order, Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) has learned.

After the intervention of the family members, Azad Hamzeh and his two other brothers, Mohammad Hamzeh and Abdollah Hamzeh, were injured after being beaten and shot by the security forces.

The plainclothes raided the house and beat the civilian and his wife before the arrival of the brothers, KHRN has learned.

The three injured brothers were initially taken to a hospital in Sardasht for treatment.

Abdollah Hamzeh is reportedly taken to a medical centre in Orumiyeh, West Azerbaijan province, due to the severity of his injuries and gunshot wounds.

Hemin Hamzeh, 30, was shot dead by border guard forces on 11 November 2022 after an argument broke out between the residents of the village and the border forces.

During his burial ceremony, the gathered civilians expressed their protests against the civilian’s killing by chanting anti-government slogans.