The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) has heavily militarized the mountainous areas of the cities of Kamyaran, Sarvabad and Marivan in Kurdistan province in recent days under the pretext of “conducting a military exercise”.

As well as continuing to bomb Kusalan Mountain in Sarvabad, the IRGC also shelled Gholle Bard Mountain in Marivan for a few hours on 13 June.

An IRGC military convoy equipped with artillery and Katyushas was deployed around the villages of Chur and Naneh in Marivan and began bombing the mountains around these villages, including Gholleh Bard, the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) has learned.

As a result, much of the area’s pastureland has burned.

There were also unconfirmed reports of clashes between the Revolutionary Guards and members of the Kurdistan Free Life Party (PJAK) in the mountains around the village of Darreh Nakhi in Sarvabad on the night of 13 June, following which strict security measures were taken in the area.

Over the past two weeks, the Gharb-e Najaf-e Ashraf, Shahramfar and Sepah-e Beytolmoghaddas garrisons have militarized the areas around the Shaho and Kusalan mountains under the pretext of “conducting military exercises”.

Last week, the IRGC heavily bombed the Shaho Mountain heights, and in the past two days, IRGC military convoys have been stationed in villages around Mount Kusalan, bombing the area.

On 12 June, at least one IRGC member was reportedly killed after a “military exercise” led to clashes between IRGC and PJAK forces in Kusalan.

In recent weeks, the IRGC has deployed its troops in the border areas of Oshnavieh, Sardasht, Piranshahr and Baneh.