Abdollah Aboubakri, the father of Zanyar Aboubakri, one of the victims of the anti-government protests in Mahabad, West Azerbaijan Province, was detained and threatened for several hours today after being summoned to the Ministry of Intelligence office in the city.

Aboubakri was released after signing a written undertaking not to take part in any events during the upcoming anniversary of the Woman, Life, Freedom uprising, the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) has learned.

On 23 August, Aboubakri was summoned by the Ministry of Intelligence by phone and asked to appear at the ministry’s office the following day.

Today, the civilian was interrogated for several hours after he went to the Ministry of Intelligence office in Mahabad.

During the interrogation, security interrogators warned and threatened Aboubakri about his possible involvement in the events marking the anniversary of the uprising.

Zanyar Aboubakri, 21, was shot dead by military security forces on 27 October 2022 during the protests that erupted after the funeral of Simko Mowloudi, another victim of the anti-government protests in the city.