Security forces raided the annual meeting of the Chya the Green Organisation in the village of Nachi in Marivan, Kurdistan Province, on 10 September, arresting at least 25 members.

The Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) has learned that while most of those detained were released after signing written undertakings, activists Madeh Khoshnavaz, Kaveh Dastan and Kaveh Karimian remain in custody.

Last night, the detainees were transferred to the detention centre of the Intelligence Organisation of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Coprs (IRGC) in Marivan.

Following efforts by local civil rights activists, most of them were released after signing written undertakings.

The activists were arrested without a warrant in a coordinated raid by the Ministry of Intelligence, the IRGC Intelligence Organisation and local police.

Security forces also confiscated all of the activists’ personal belongings, including mobile phones, which have not yet been returned to them.

Those detained include Kamal Konehpoushi, Loghman Konehpoushi, Salar Azari, Madeh Khoshnavaz, Abdollah Bolvasi, Kaveh Karimian, Kaveh Dastan, Shaho Tolou’i, Ali Enayat, Jamal Ghaderi, Hiva Babaei, Madeh Hemmat-Boland, Naseh Hemmat-Boland, Farhad Mowloudi, Sirvan Molla-Rahim and Mohammad Afsari.

Chya the Green Organisation, a grassroots organisation founded in 1999 in Marivan, focuses on environmental initiatives, education and the implementation of projects that are aligned with environmental goals.