Law enforcement forces in the village of Savan in Sardasht, West Azerbaijan Province, today opened fire on a private car, resulting in the death of Kurdish tradesman Kavan Amjadi-Nia.

The Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) has learned that law enforcement forces stationed at a checkpoint in the village pursued and cornered Amjadi-Nia’s car, firing at it despite the absence of any foreign goods in the vehicle.

The indiscriminate gunfire hit the civilian in the head, causing his immediate death, and caused the car to overturn.

Amjadi-Nia, a father of three, was from the village of Gourah Shir and lived in the city of Mirabad in Sardasht County.

Reportedly, a convoy of military forces was sent to the scene and stationed in the area after the killing of the tradesman and after his family was informed.