Two Kurdish Civilians, Farooq Azizi and Ata Fattahi, have been arrested by security forces in the cities of Oshnoyeh and Marivan and taken to an unknown location.

According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN), on Monday, October 26, Farooq Azizi, a Kurdish Civilian from the village of “Bimzarteh” in Oshnoyeh, West Azerbaijan Province, was arrested after being telephone summoned to the Intelligence Office of the city and transferred to an unknown location.

On October 27, security forces also raided the village of “Sardush” in Marivan, Kurdistan Province, and arrested a young man named Ata Fattahi at his family home without a warrant and transferred him to an unknown location.

There is no information on charges against these detained civilians.

Photo from right to left: Farooq Azizi and Atta Fattahi