Iranian forces have arrested three Kurdish activists and summoned 10 others for questioning in several cities in provinces of West Azerbaijan, Kurdistan, and Kermanshah, in the past several days, bringing the total number of arrests to 83 in the ongoing wave of arrests.

The Islamic Republic of Iran launched a wave of arrests on 9 January against Kurdish civilians and rights activists mainly in the western Kurdish cities and have, so far, arrested at least 83 people in 12 cities.
On 2 February, forces of the Ministry of Intelligence detained Roya Jalali, a female environmental activist, at her house in Sanandaj. They resorted to violence and insulted her and her family members during the detention. Jalali’s husband Khabat Mafakheri had also been summoned and detained several times before by security forces for his activities.

Separately, on 30 January, security forces arrested Avat Mohammadpour and Hassan Mohammadpour in Oshnavieh and took them to unknown locations.

Additionally, the intelligence office of the Ministry of Intelligence and the Intelligence Organisation of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) in cities of Mahabad, Bukan, Oshnavieh, Marivan, Sanandaj, and Kermanshah summoned 10 Kurdish activists, interrogating and threatening them for hours regarding their activities, sources told the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN).

According to investigations of the KHRN, the total number of recent arrests has reached at least 83. Five of these – Salman Advaei, Ata Rahmanzadeh, Adel Parvazeh, Mostafa Ilkhanizadeh, and Arastoo Mollah Rahimi – were released on bail a few days after being taken into custody. However, the rest of the detainees are still being held in the detention centres of the Intelligence Organisation of the IRGC and the Ministry of Intelligence in cities of Orumiyeh, Sanandaj, and Marivan.

In an interview with the KHRN, a number of family members of the recent detainees said they did not know where the detainees were, expressing concern about the continued uncertainty about the situation of the detainees. The families have been able to have only one brief phone call with the detainees during this period. They say despite repeated follow-ups and referrals to the security and judicial institutions of these cities, they have not been officially informed about the charges and detention locations of their family members.

The names of the 83 arrested Kurdish civilians and activists by the IRGC and the intelligence agency in different cities of Terhan, Alborz, West Azerbaijan, and Kurdistan provinces, confirmed by the Kurdistan Human Rights Network, are as follows:

9 January 2021:
Asrin Mohammadi and Sakar Eyni in Tehran
Aram Yousefi in Sanandaj
Farzad Samani and Sohaib Badrouj in Karaj
Shapol Khezri, Darya Talebani, Salar Rahavi, Sirwan Nouri, Afshin Mamahmadi, Sirwan Hosseinzadeh, and Iman Abdi in Mahabad
Bahman Yousefzadeh, Farhad Musapour, and Fereydoun Musapour in RabatAzimeh Naseri in Bukan
Dana Samadi, Sirwan Karimzadeh, Karwan Minouyi, Zanyar Motamedi, and Salman Advaei (released) in Marivan

10 January 2021:
Jabar Pirouzi in Marivan

11 January 2021:
Hossein Gardeshi in Bukan
Faramarz Mohammadi in Tehran

12 January 2021:
Adel Parvazeh and Sherko Paahou in Marivan Siamak Advaei and Akram Advaei in Sarvabad 14 January 2021:
Soran Mohammadi in Mahabad

16 January 2021:
Amir Bayezidi Azar in Mahabad

18 January 2021:
Fardin Advaei in Sarvabad

19 January 2021:
Fariba Ahmadi, Rozhin Mohammadpour, Foad Mohammadpour, Sardar Mohammadpour, Sirwan Mohammadpour, Hersh Rasoulpour, Mohammad Haji Rasoulpour, Hamed Rasoulpour, Ayoub Rasoulpour, Hossein Rasoulpour, Edris Haji Rasoulpour, Ali Zolfi, Mohyuddin Shame, and Hossein Mehrban in Bukan
Pshtivan Nabi Zargetan, Karim Khalifani, Salam Khalifani, Hesamoddin Khezri, Rahman Ebrahimi, and Rasoul Lavazeh in Piranshahr,
Diyako Zartoshti, Taleb Reyhani, and Rashid Reyhani in Naghadeh
Rashid Ahmadi, Mohammad Amin Ahmadi, Reza Zandi, Farhad Zandi, and Mohammad Zandi in Bukan

20 January 2021:
Qader Rasoulpour in Bukan

21 January 2021:
Ata Rahmanzadeh in Saqez (released)

23 January 2021:
Sirwan Amini in Sanandaj
Afshin Elahi in Saqez
Arastoo Molla Rahimi in Mahabad (released)

24 January 2021:
Babak Babaei in Saqez
Jamil Ahmadi in Sanandaj

26 January 2021:
Mostafa Ilkhanizadeh in Bukan

28 January 2021:
Jamal Qasemi and Jabrail Shabani in Oshnavieh

29 January 2021:
Jamal Nahali, Loqman Taheri, Shorash Barham, Ghafour Espandar, and Faisal Aliabadi in Oshnavieh

30 January 2021:
Awat Mohammadpour, Hossein Mohammadpour, Shafi Sheikhe, Vahed Sheikh Mohammadi, Fardin Bayazidi, and Aziz Qadertaj in Oshnavieh

31 January 2021:
Mahmoud Mahmoudi in Sanandaj

2 February 2021:
Roya Jalali in Sanandaj