Sources have informed the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) that the detentions of the Kurdish civil rights activists Aram Fathi and Sorayya Haghdoust continue in the detention centre of the Ministry of Intelligence in Marivan and Correction and Rehabilitation Centre of Sanandaj.

Security forces had arrested the two activists in Marivan on 17 June.

A source familiar with the situations of the activists spoke to the KHRN.

“Following the news that Aram Fathi was transferred to the quarantine ward of Marivan Prison, he managed to make a short phone call to his mother today. While denying the news, he said he continued to be held in the detention centre of the intelligence ministry”, it said.

On Saturday, 19 June, the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Marivan said that he would be transferred to prison and asked his family to deliver his medication to prison.

Despite suffering from rheumatism and having the need for weekly injections under the supervision of a specialist, Fathi has not yet been able to receive his medication, the source said.

Furthermore, Sorayya Haghdoust, a member of the Khaneh-ye Ensan (meaning Human House in Persian) organisation in Marivan was transferred to the Correction and Rehabilitation Centre of Sanandaj on 18 June, with a temporary detention order issued against her, the source added.

Security forces had arrested Haghdoust on a street of Marivan on 17 June and had taken her to the detention centre of the city’s intelligence ministry.

On the same day, security forces had arrested poet and activist Aram Fathi at his home in Marivan.