Security forces have arrested two Kurdish civilians in Divandarreh in the past week, Kurdistan province, sources told the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN).

They have arrested Zanyar Moradi on 24 June and Amjad Moradi on 26 June at their workplaces. They have then taken the two civilians to an undisclosed location.

Zanyar Moradi is a construction worker, and Amjad Moradi works at a restaurant.

Amjad Moradi, who comes from Darreh Gavan village of Divandarreh, had travelled to Qom to sell livestock. After returning to one of the restaurants in Divandarreh, two vehicles of plainclothes security forces surrounded and detained him.

The KHRN has not yet received any information on the whereabouts and the charges against the two Kurdish civilians.

The KHRN had also reported the arrest of another Kurdish civilian named Dler Shah-Mohammadi in Divandarreh on 24 June.