Kurdish activist Mohammad Houshangi has been transferred to the quarantine ward of Orumiyeh Central Prison after being detained for six months in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) detention centre at Al-Mahdi base in Orumiyeh, West Azerbaijan province.

Houshangi, from Javanrood in Kermanshah province, has been charged with “membership in a Kurdish opposition party”.

Forces of the Intelligence Organisation of the IRGC had arrested Houshangi on 10 January in Tehran, during the wave of arrests of Kurdish activists at the beginning of the year.

After arresting him, the IRGC intelligence forces took the activist to the institution’s 81 Ramadan detention centre in Orumiyeh.

After the arrest of Houshangi, his family was also summoned several times to the Intelligence Organisation of the IRGC in Javanrud and interrogated for hours.

Mohammad Houshangi has been denied the right to a lawyer since his arrest.

His family was allowed to visit him only once after the first four months of his detention during this period. The visit took place in the detention centre for a few minutes and in the presence of security interrogators.