A Kurdish environmental activist named Navid Kohnehpoushi was arrested after being summoned by the Ministry of Intelligence in Marivan, Kurdistan province, on 6 August.

The activist told his family in a brief phone call that he had been taken to the detention centre of the intelligence ministry in Sanandaj, Kurdistan province.


On 31 October 2021, the Ministry of Intelligence took hostage Kohnehpoushi’s brother after they did not find the activist himself at home.

They told his family that they would keep their other son in custody until the activist turned himself in.

Kohnehpoushi presented himself to the office of the intelligence ministry a few hours after learning security forces had taken his brother hostage.

The intelligence ministry released his brother after they arrested the activist.

Kohnehpoushi was temporarily released on bail on 1 January. He has been accused of “acting against national security” through his alleged “collaboration” with one of the Kurdish opposition parties.

Kohnehpoushi is a member of the Chya the Green Organisation of Marivan and has been actively involved in fire prevention and forest restoration campaigns in the region in the past years.