Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN): A Kurdish singer ‘Peyman Mirzazadeh’, arrested on Thursday, February 20 by security forces, was sentenced to 2 years of imprisonment and permanent deprivation of singing by branch one of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Orumiyeh.

A reliable source told KHRN that “On Saturday, March 2, 2019, Peyman Mirzazadeh was transferred to the branch one of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Orumiyeh under the pretext of issuing the bail, and he went on trial without a lawyer. Two days later, he was summoned to the office of Orumiyeh Central Prison where the verdict was served on him”.

According to this source, which was during the legal process of the case, the usual procedure for the criminal procedure was not followed for the formation of the court and the issuance of the verdict of the artist.

On Thursday, February 20, the security forces arrested Mirzazadeh on the alleged charge of singing Kurdish revolutionary songs and transferred him to the Ministry of Intelligence Detention Centre in Orumiyeh. He was transferred to the Orumiyeh Central Prison on Monday afternoon after the interrogations were completed.

Mirzazadeh was also arrested last December by Security forces at Orumiyeh and sentenced to six months of imprisonment by the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Orumiyeh on the charge of propaganda against the state due to singing Kurdish revolutionary songs. He was released from the Orumiyeh Central Prison after serving his 6 months prison sentence.