Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN): Over the past few days, seven Kurdish activists- who were arrested in Kamyaran, Sanandaj and Marivan- were temporarily released on bail. Meanwhile, 14 other activists are still held at the Ministry of Intelligence Detention Centre in Sanandaj.

Jamal Asadi spent one day in prison while Iraj Rahimzadeh, Pouria Ahmadi and Zakaria Naqshbandi served 15 days. Shaho Faraji spent 20 days in prison while Bakhtiar Kamangar and Amang Ghorbani served two months in prison.

Farhad Mohammadi, Hadi Kamangar, Hossein Kamangar, Rashed Montazeri, Isa Feizi, Zanyar Zamiran, Farzad Hosseini and Sirwan Ghorbani are still held in solitary confinement at the Ministry of Intelligence Detention Centre in Sanandaj. Arman Vafaei, Fardin Karimi, Afshin Sheikholeslami Vatani, Armin Espelos, Arman Vafaei, Idris Mohammadi and Avat Karmi are held at the Detention Centre of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) in Sanandaj.

A reliable source told KHRN that the office of Kurdish branch of the National Unity Party in Sanandaj had been sealed with a judicial order last week.

According to this source, the current board of directors of the Kurdistan branch of the National Unity Party are still under pressure in the Ministry of Intelligence Detention of Sanandaj to accept allegations of disrupting the security and participation in the killing of a Red Crescent ambulance driver “Kohsar Fatehi”.

“During a ceremony on March 13, 2019, the Ministry of Intelligence plan to allege that some of the Kurdish detainees in the city of Kamyaran over the past few months were perpetrators of the murder of a Red Crescent driver who was murdered suspiciously on the march last year.”, the source added.

It should be noted that the Intelligence office and IRGC of Sanandaj have been involved in mass arrests of at least 24 environmental activists and Kurdish members of the National Unity since January 11.