Kameel Ahmady, Iranian Kurdish author and social researcher, was arrested by security forces in Tehran on Sunday, August 10. His home and car were searched by security guards in three occasions on the same day and part of his belongings was confiscated. It is not yet clear which institution has arrested him.

Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) has been informed that his home and car were searched on all the three occasions and part of his personal belongings was confiscated.

Shafaq Rahmani, a political science researcher and Kameel Ahmady’ wife, published a post on her Instagram and announced that a one-month arrest warrant had been issued for her husband by branch 1 of the Evin Security Prosecutor’s Office. “We made an enquiry about my husband’s status but we have received no information about the reason for his arrest or his charges yet.”, she stated.

She also told KHRN that her husband had requested her to instruct a lawyer on her behalf during their short telephone conversation on the third day of his detention. She also mentioned that she was not aware of his whereabouts.

Kameel Ahmady, from Mahabad and an Iranian-British citizen living in Tehran, has been conducting research on the topics of “female circumcision”, “childbearing” and “white marriage” in Iran during the past few years. According to his personal website, Kameel Ahmadi has recently been conducting two researches including, “The Story of the Forbidden City” (Comprehensive Research on LGBT community in Iran) and “From Border to Frontier” (Comprehensive Research on Identity and Ethnicity in Iran), which The results are pending publication.

Kameel Ahmady won the World Peace Foundation’s Literature and Humanities Award at the George Washington University for his research and work in the field of social harm, emphasising “gender,” “children,” and “minorities” last year.