Two Kurdish activists have been released on bail on the afternoon of10 September while another two activists from Kamyaran were transferred to Kamyaran Prison following a change of their arrest warrants to prison sentences.

Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) has learned that Akbar Goyli and Arman Qeitasi were released on bail, and that both were transferred from the Ministry of Intelligence’s Detention Centre in Sanandaj to the court where their temporary arrest warrants were changed to a bail of 500 million (about 15,000 USD) and 300 million Iranian Riyals (about 13,000 USD), respectively.

Meanwhile, Behzad Kamangar and Refiq Kaki were taken to Kamyaran Prison after their interrogations had completed, with a bail of 500 million Iranian Riyals issued for each of them, sources told the KHRN.

Security forces arrested former political activist and prisoner Akbar Goyli on 20 August.

Om 6 August, Kamyaran and Sanandaj security forces had stormed the homes and workplaces of several artists and civil activists in Kamyaran where they detained Behzad Kamangar, Borhan Kamangar, Sirwan Moradi, Arman Qeitasi, Amjad Seifi, Rafiq Kaki and Mohammad Khatri (in Shahini village).

KRHN has learned from a source that “only Amjad Seif, was released the day after” the indiscriminate arrests.