A Kurdish activist from Javanrood was taken to Dieselabad Prison in Kermanshah on October 20 to endure his four years sentence, and a labour activist was arrested and taken to “an unknown location,”  a source told Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN).

Kurdish activist Yaser Nouri was arrested on June 22 2015 and interrogated for about three months at the Ministry of Intelligence Detention Centre in Kermanshah, known as the Oil Field Detention Center. He was released on bail after completion of the interrogations.

Nouri was later sentenced to four months in prison on charges of “collaboration with one of the Kurdish opposition parties,” the ruling was ultimately upheld by the Kermanshah Court of Appeal.
Meanwhile, Sanandaj-based Kurdish labour activist Saman Maleki was arrested and taken to “an unknown location” on 22 October, source told the KHRN.

As per the source, Maleki has been charged with “participation in a protest rally in Sanandaj, in protest to the Turkish army’s invasion of north and east of Syria, known as Rojava.”