Security forces in Saqqez detained three family members of a Kurdish citizen Raouf Sheikhi, who lost his life six years ago in Sanandaj, while banning his memorial ceremony. Raouf Sheikhi lost his life when the vehicle in which he and two other people were travelling was shot by security forces.

Security forces raided the home of Raouf Sheikhi on Friday, February 14, insulted his family members and tore apart the announcements of the memorial ceremony while arresting his brother and two sons-in-law, “Hamed Sheikhi”,“Nabi Malawies”and “Ayoub Khani”.

Despite the frequent visits of Sheikhi’s family to the security and judicial authorities in Saqqez, no exact information has been released as to the whereabouts and fate of the afore-mentioned detainees.

Raouf Sheikhi, a member of the Party for Free Life in Kurdistan (PJAK), was shot dead by forces in the Special Operations Division of the Ministry of Intelligence on February 12 2014, along with other occupants of a vehicle in Sanandaj. He and another passenger, Milad Piri, died as a result of the shooting of security forces without prior warning.

The driver of the car, Shahrokh Ahmadi, was also arrested after being injured and transferred to the Sanandaj Intelligence office but he was released several months later.Security forces refused to hand over the dead body of Raouf Shikhi and reveal his burial place to his family but Milad Piri’s body was handed over to his family a few weeks later on condition of no public ceremony.