Kurdistan Human Rights Network – Gholamreza Nouri Ala, the editor-in-chief of the Kermanshah ِDaily Naqdhall, and another of his colleagues were arrested for spreading rumours about the governor of Kermanshah being infected with Coronavirus. This news was published on the telegram channel but hours later it was revealed that it was an “April Fools”.

According to the IRNA news agency, quoting Kermanshah Public Relations and Revolutionary Public Prosecutor, “Disturbing public opinion is considered a crime. Therefore, Kermanshah Public Prosecutor issued an arrest warrant for the two key perpetrators of the rumour who are currently being detained”.

Iran has arrested dozens of civilians in recent days on charges of “spreading rumours about Coronavirus”. These arrests were reportedly initiated to prevent the people involved in printing such materials from spreading Coronavirus in the city. The Washington-based Committee to Protect Journalists and the Association of Managers of Non-Governmental Newspapers in Iran have reacted to these arrests. Some Iranian political and press activists have also stated that the government’s decision is dangerous.