Over the past week, Iranian border guards have shot and injured three kolbars at the borders of Baneh, Sardasht, and Orumiyeh. Moreover, a Kolbar lost his life due to falling from the heights in the border areas of Sardasht and Piranshahr and another one died due to cardiac arrest.

Hedi Feqi Mahmoudi

Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) has been informed that a Kolbar, 29-year-old Ahmad Azizi, has sustained injuries due to being targeted by Iranian border troops at Sardasht border on December 31.

A Kolbar, Yusef Mohammadi Asl lost his life due to frostbite at Kani Khoda route on Wednesday, January 05. This Kolbar belonged to a group of Kolbars who had chosen Kani Khoda route despite knowing that it was very hard to traverse due to fear of being ambushed by the Iranian border forces.

Meanwhile, a 24-year-old Kolbar, Nahv Ebadi was shot and injured by shooting of guards at Borduk border checkpoint in the Soma Bradoost area of Orumiyeh.

Yusef Mohammadi Asl

A group of Kolbars who refrained from returning to Sardasht due to being ambushed by the border troops in the mountainous areas of Beithoush at Sardasht for several days eventually returned to Sardasht on Monday evening, January 07 and but they were chased by border forces. During the chase, a kolbar, Hedi Feqi Mahmoudi, fell from the mountain and died.

On Wednesday, January 9, a 40-year-old kolbar, Hassan Rasouli, was shot and wounded by border guards at the border checkpoint of Champareh in Baneh.