Two kolbars were killed by gunfire from Iranian border guards in separate incidents in the border areas of Bitush in Sardasht, West Azerbaijan Province, and Bastam in Saqqez, Kurdistan Province, on 13 April.

The Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) has learned that a group of kolbars in the mountainous areas of Bitush village in Sardasht were targeted by border guards, resulting in the death of Mehrdad Abdollahzadeh, a 20-year-old kolbar from Maraghan village in Sardasht.

Abdollahzadeh fell from a height after being hit by the border guards’ gunfire.

At the same time, another kolbar, Omid Saeidi, was shot dead by border guards in the Bastam border area, the KHRN has learned.

The border guards abandoned Saeidi after shooting him, and his body was found after several hours of searching by local people.

In the past three weeks, four kolbars have been killed by Iranian border guards in the Nowsud and Baneh border areas. Another five kolbars have died from frostbite, heart attacks and falls from heights.