Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN): The dead body of a Kolbar was found by the local people after three months at the frontier hights of the village of Bruishkhani of Baneh.

“Two shepherds from the village of Brushkhani of Baneh at the border of Hojra Faghihan found a dead body yesterday. The local people have identified the dead person as Abbas Qaderzadeh, who went missing on Jan 27, 2019. “ One of the local residents told KHRN.

Local people and Baneh’s activists had been trying to find the body of above-mentioned missing Kolbar for the past several weeks, but their attempts failed due to the heavy snowfall.

A group of kolbars was trapped in snow in the mountains of Hojra Faghihan of Baneh on the afternoon of Sunday, January 27. As a result, Abbas Qaderzadeh went missing in the snow and two other Kolbars “Saman Salehi” and “Mohammad Karimi” lost their life due to frostbite while one kolbar was saved by the local people.