Two Kurdish border couriers (known as Kolbar) were shot and injured by the Iranian border guards in Baneh and Piranshahr border areas.

Yadegar Ismaili, a Kolbar, was shot injured in the border village of Zaleh on 9 December, a local source told the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN).

Ismaili, from the village of Zaleh, is married and has two children behind. He is currently undergoing treatment at Salaheddine Ayobi Hospital in Baneh.

According to another report, on 3 December, border guards in Piranshahr border areas targeted a group of Kolbars. As a result, a Kolbar named Jalal Khalidi, from Mahabad, was wounded in his leg. He was then beaten and abandoned by the border guards. He was taken to a hospital in Piranshahr by the local people.