A 50 year old Kurdish Civilian, Karim Rasti from Sardosh of Marivan, was severely injured in a mine explosion at Doolebi and lost one leg.

Parvin Zabihi, a civilian activist in Marivan, shared a post on her Facebook page stating that “this is a catastrophe which does not end in the border areas, and dozens of people are traumatised or lose their life as a result of mine explosions every day. The severe rains and flooding has led to even more such incidents.”

The border regions of Iran, especially Kurdistan, are covered with mines. Majority of these mines are remains of Iran-Iraq war, as well as mines used by the Central Government of Iran in clashes with armed Kurdish parties. Every year, a large number of civilians, especially in the rural areas of the border provinces, are victim to mine explosions.

In recent days, flooding and erosion have plagued land mines that have not yet been cleared by flood and soils, and civilians of these areas are at serious risk of mine explosions.