According to IRNA, a 14-year-old child lost his life due to the blast of a landmine left from the Iran-Iraq war in Tangab area of Qasr-e Shirin on February 22.

These areas were declared to have been cleared up by the National Landmine Authority of Iran in 2012.
“There are still unexploded mines in 4 provinces West Azarbaijan , Kurdistan, Kermanshah and Ilam. In total, 2,790,000 hectares of land in these four provinces are affected by landmines. Since the end of the Iran-Iraq war, more than 6,000 civilians have been killed or injured in landmine blasts. “, landmine clearance expert “Awat Bazyar” told Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN).”

The National Mine Authority is responsible for clearing landmines in Iran. The organization declared Kermanshah province and Qasr-e Shirin county in February as a cleaned area (in which a child was incidentally killed during the past few days as a result of a landmine explosion). The occasion was even celebrated and all warning signs regarding the risk of landmine explosions were removed from the area. Since then, 230 civilians have been killed in landmine explosions in Kermanshah. “, he added.

“Kermanshah province is in the worst situation in terms of density and extent of landmines planted among other provinces. The minefields in this province are far from residential areas and are on the path of nomadic tribes. “, Awat Bazyar said.” 

Article 2 Administrative Commission is responsible for investigating the situation of the victims of the landmine blasts.  However, this agency has not only neglected the families of victims so far but also it has been a major obstacle in the provision of facilities to these victims. We have seen families whose situation has not been investigated promptly or investigations have been terminated after a year or two of uncertainty. These cases have been closed without being referred to the Foundation of Martyrs and Veterans Affairs and the families have not been offered any insurance.”, he added.