Two Kurdish civilians have been injured in recent days in separate landmine explosions in Bisotun, Kermanshah province, and the village of Jandaran in Mahabad, West Azerbaijan province.

Reportedly, a shepherd was injured in the right leg this morning due to a landmine explosion in an abandoned military base in the Jandaran village of Khalifan district, Mahabad.

In an interview with Haje news agency, Khalifan district governor said three bases in Jandaran have not been demined yet.

Also, on 19 October, a landmine blast near a military base of the Islamic Republic of Iran Army injured a civilian named Aram Ahmadi near Bisotun.

This civilian, who was sent to one of the medical centres in Kermanshah for treatment, is facing the risk of amputation.

Ahmadi is from the village of Zamkan, in Salas-e Babajani district of Bisotun.