An 11-year prison sentence for a Kurdish teacher from Bukan was upheld by the Orumiyeh Court of Appeal in mid-October, a source told the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN).

Seyyed Aram Amin Zadeh had previously been sentenced to 10 years in prison by the Orumiyeh Revolutionary Court on charges of “acting against national security through the formation of extremist groups in the telegram Chanel,” and one year in prison on charges of “propaganda against the state.” Per Article 134 of the Islamic Penal Code regarding the ‘Totality of Sentences,’ 10 years of his total imprisonment sentence is enforceable.

The security forces arrested Amin Zadeh at his school in one of the villages of Bukan on June 02 and transferred to Orumiyeh Intelligence Bureau after about a month and a half of interrogation.

Amin Zadeh was also informed of being dismissed from the Department of Education when arrested who is currently serving his 10-year sentence in the ward of Political and Conscience Prisoners at Orumiyeh Prison.