A death row Kurdish student prisoner, who had gone on dry food hunger strike on Oct 25, 2017, in protest against his unfair sentence and being kept in the ward for drug crime prisoners, ended his strike after a week.

“On 31 September 2017, Abubakr Rostami, who was on dry food hunger strike, ended his dry food hunger strike after the prison manager promised to help him obtain an order for visiting rights and meet with the prosecutor. Rostami had been transferred to the Quarantine Section of Zahedan Prison from Ward 5 of this prison.”, an informed source told Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN).

“Zahedan Prison authorities had threatened this religious prisoner with the enforcement of his death sentence in the very near future if he did not end his hunger strike. He was transferred to the Prison Clinic before being transferred to Ward 5 (Drug-related crimes).”, the above source continued.

“Abu Bakr Rostami (born in 1994 in the city of Salas Bavajani and resident of Kermanshah) was a fourth-year medical student at Zabol University of Medical Sciences when he travelled to Pakistan in order to make arrangements for continuing his studies in the Arab countries. He was arrested along with two Pakistani Baloch citizens on Sept 16, 2015 by a Pakistani Baluchi Party linked to the Qods Force IRGC in Pakistan and handed over the Iranian border to the Qods Corps after two days “, the source told KHRN.

“This student, along with two other Pakistani citizens, was kept in IRGC detention centre and Zahedan intelligence Centre for 110 days and tortured physically and psychologically, without the right to call and visit with family. Finally, they were transferred to Zahedan Central Prison.”, The source added.

“The court hearing of this religious prisoner, along with two other Pakistani citizens, was held at the Revolutionary Court headed by Judge Mehran Bameri, and all three were sentenced to death and five years in prison on charges of Moharebeh and membership in extremist religious groups. The religious prisoner was transferred to the prison quarantine for 18 days as a punishment after a conflict with two prisoners of ordinary crimes on Sept 28 before being transferred to another ward later“. The source added.