71 prisoners of conscience and political prisoners held in wards 12 and 13 of Orumiyeh Central Prison are on hunger strike for the second consecutive day in protest to the beating of some of the political prisoners by prison authorities and prisoners of dangerous crimes in addition to deprivation of prisoners of conscience and political prisoners from furlough right.

The family of a number of political and conscientious prisoners at Orumiyeh Central Prison have told Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) that these prisoners had continued their hunger strike which began yesterday in protest to being beaten up and denied the right of furlough.

According to families of some of these prisoners, on Tuesday morning, Oct 17, 2018, three political prisoners called Kamal Hassan Ramadan, Ahmad Tamoi and Turaj Esmaili, who were beaten on October 15, were transferred to the Orumiyeh Forensic Medicine Bureau and the Forensic Medicine experts advised that they should be examined by an injury diagnostic specialist.

The Inspector General of Orumiyeh Central Prison who visited ward 12 (where the Political Prisoners are being held) and confirmed that both sides had filed a complaint. According to these complaints, a number of prison guards and prisoners of conscience have been accused of deliberately assaulting three political prisoners while the prison officers have accused a number of political prisoners of blasphemy.

Families of a number of these prisoners reiterated that each time the political prisoners have been beaten up, prison officers have accused the political of unfounded allegations in order to justify their actions. As a result, the complaints filed by the political prisoners are concluded at the court without any further investigations.

It should be noted that the other two political prisoners, known as Kamran Darwishi and Hamid Ahmadi who were injured by the prison authorities, have been transferred to solitary confinement and they still have not been returned back to the ward.