Following the attempt of Sunni prisoners to prevent the transfer of Tohid Ghoreishi to the court, Special Guard forces targeted the prisoners in hall 21 in ward 7 at Rajai Shahr Prison by tear gas while beating them and transferring some of the prisoners to solitary confinement cells.

Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) has been informed that. following the refusal of Tawhid Qureshi to attend the trial and the support of other prisoners, the special guard forces stormed into the ward of Religious Prisoner with tear gas, beat and injured some of these prisoners severely and transferred some of them to solitary confinement cells on the morning of Wednesday, February 06 for the second time during the past few days.

According to reports, some of these prisoners were injured, hall 21 was covered by blood and some of the prisoners, including Tohid Qureshi and Hamza Darvish who were severely injured, were transferred to solitary confinement.

It is worth mentioning that Tohid Qureshi was transferred to Ward 209 of Evin Prison in Tehran on August 08 while serving the last 11 months of his five-year prison sentence. The religious prisoner has been transferred back to Rajai Shahr Prison in Karaj after five months of solitary confinement and a new case has been filed against him on charges of acting against national security and spreading propaganda against the state. On Monday, Tohid Ghoreishi refused to attend the court session in protest against not being informed about the hearing date early enough and not having access to a lawyer.

Seyyed Tohid Qureshi, Prayer Imam of Sha’fi Mosque in Wiseneh village, was arrested by security forces in Talesh province in September 2018. After a year’s imprisonment, he was initially sentenced to 10 years in prison on charges of membership in extremist groups, but this sentence was reduced to 7 years by the Court of Appeals. Later, the sentence of this prisoner of conscience was reduced into a four-year prison sentence per Article 134 of the Islamic Penal Code, Aggregation of Fines.