Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN): The political prisoner “Esmat (Mohammad) Salahshour” has been deprived of the right to visit and contact with the family after being transferred from Orumiyeh Central Prison to the Ministry of Intelligence Detention Centre in Orumiyeh.

This political prisoner, who has been serving his sentence at Orumiyeh Central Prison during the past two years, was transferred to the Ministry of Intelligence Detention Centre in Orumiyeh on Apr 20, 2019 and no information is available on his fate.

The Ministry of Intelligence Office has had a special office at the Orumiyeh Central Prison over the past few years. This office is involved in filing new cases against political prisoners.

Esmat (Mohammad) Salahshour from the Falkan village of Orumiyeh was arrested by security forces earlier in March 2017 and transferred to Orumiyeh Central Prison after a month of interrogations. He was then sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment by branch 2 of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Orumiyeh on the charge of cooperating with one of the Kurdish opposition parties. This verdict was approved by Branch 13 of the Court of Appeal in February last year.