A “juvenile offender” has ended his six-day-long hunger strike in the Juvenile Detention Centre of Sanandaj on 24 July.

Arman Farahmand, who comes from Marivan, has been on a hunger strike since 19 June. He sewed up his lips to protest against the continued indecision in his court case.

Farahmand ended his hunger strike after the “insistence” of the prison authorities and their “promise to meet his demands”, a relative of the young man told the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN).

His health condition was “worsening” towards the end of the six days, added the relative.

According to this source, Farahmand was arrested on 1 September 2020, during a mass brawl that led to a murder. He was arrested along with eight other people, on charges of premeditated murder.

While all other eight people have been released after a while, Branch 2 of the Court of Appeals of Marivan has refused to hear Farahmand’s case.

“Arman has been kept in the harsh conditions of the Juvenile Detention Centre of Sanandaj for more than nine months”, said the source.