Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN): A 17-year-old Kolbar, Afshar Sayyadi Niaz choked with snow after falling of high mountains in Tata of Paweh.

“Afshar Sayyadi Niaz, born in 2002 and a year 9 student at the Shahin high school of Marivan, had turned to kolbari [carrying goods across the border as a Kolbar] since summer due to his father’s unemployment and family financial situation”, one of his classmates told KHRN.

According to the source, the Afshar family are resident of the “Falake Darayi” neighbourhood, and the father of the family is unable to work. So, Afshar spent several months carrying cargos in Hooraman. “He lived in a rental house with his parents and his sister. His brother is a student in another city. The family did not have a good financial situation, and Afshar felt responsible to make a contribution towards his family’s expense although he wished to buy clothes and stationary like any other young schoolboy. So he turned into kolbari. “, this source added.