Last week, two people were burnt when Sanandaj municipality officers demolished and burned a residential building under construction.

According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Network’s report, On Thursday, Aug 24, 2017, the Sanandaj municipality officers called “Enforcement Unit” were deployed to Laleh alley located in Nabovat square with the aim of stopping illegal construction. The enforcement authorities of the municipality confronted and threatened the landlord with demolishing the house. At 3 o’clock, three of the officers set fire to the building by throwing bottles containing gasoline into the building.

Mosleh Hussaini in Hospital

The landlord kept two Labours (welders) to prevent the destruction of buildings while maintaining the building materials. However, unfortunately, their tent burned down when the municipality officers set fire to the building and one of the labourers called Seyyed Mosleh Hosseini lost his life due to the severity of the burns (70 percent) after four days of hospitalisation. Another labourer called Omid Hosseini (an assistant) also suffered severe burns in his foot.

“Seyyed Mosleh Hosseini was transferred to one of Tabriz hospitals after severe burns and lost his life following four days of hospitalisation on Monday, Aug 28, 2017. This news has been widely reported on social networks and the family of the dead labourer have complained about the involvement the municipality and the perpetrators of the incident”, a relative of Seyyed Mosleh Hosseini told KHRN.

According to eyewitnesses, the municipality officers known as “Enforcement Unit” in many cases carry out similar acts of arbitrary and violent conduct on the pretext of controlling and preventing illegal construction while causing physical and financial problems for the people. Complaint of people in this regard has so far not been investigated.