The hearing for six activists from Kamyaran was held at Branch 4 of the Sanandaj Court of Appeals during the past few days.

They were recently sentenced to imprisonment by the branch one of revolutionary court in Sanandaj on Oct 16, 2018 presided by Judge Saeedi on charges of propaganda against the state. The verdicts of 4 of these people were just approved while the imprisonment sentence of 2 others was reduced.

The Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) has been informed that the trial of these six activists, Mehrdad Sabouri, Delnia Sabouri, Omid Ahmadi, Aram Mohammadi, Shaho Sadeghi and Rojin Ebrahimi was held at Branch 4 of the Sanandaj Court of Appeals chaired by Judge Mostafa Tayari during the past few days.

The verdicts for four of these people including Mehrdad Sabouri and Omid Ahmadi, both sentenced to one year of imprisonment, in addition to the verdict for Aram Mohammadi and Shaho Sadeghi, both sentenced to 3 months and one day of imprisonment, were upheld by the Court of Appeals. The verdicts of Rojin Ebrahimi and Delnia were reduced from one year of imprisonment to 3 days.

Shaho Sadeghi, Aram Mohammadi, Mehrdad Sabouri and Omid Ahmadi were arrested by security agents in their homes on May 18 and 19, 2016 and transferred to the Intelligence Bureau of Kamyaran. They were transferred to the detention centre of news headquarters of Sanandaj Intelligence Bureau after several hours.

Two days later, Rojin Ebrahimi and Delnia Sabouri were telephone summoned by the headquarters of the Kamyaran Intelligence Bureau and interrogated for several hours due to participating in the celebration of International Labour Day. The two were temporarily released after interrogation, but the other four labour activists were temporarily released from Kamyaran Prison after a one-week detention.

On Oct 3, 2016, the trial of these six activists was held at Branch 1 of the Sanandaj Revolutionary Court chaired by Judge Saeedi without the presence of any legal counsels. While defending the International Labour Day, the afore-mentioned activists insisted on the freedom of engaging in various types of labour organisations. On Oct 15, these labour activists were summoned to the Revolutionary Court of Sanandaj again and the verdicts were officially served on them based on which they were charged for propaganda against the state. According to the verdict, Mehrdad Sabouri, Deleniya Sabouri, Rozhin Ebrahimi and Omid Ahmadi were sentenced to one year in prison and Mohammadi and Shaho Sadeghi were each sentenced to three months and one day in prison.