On Thursday, January 24, the workers of the municipality of Mariwan gathered in front of the municipality building for the fourth consecutive day in protest to their delayed salaries.

According to reports received by Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN), a group of workers from the municipality of Mariwan continued their protest a 6-months delay in payment of their salaries and overtime bonuses due to the past two years in front of the municipality’s building while setting an empty tablecloth as a symbolic gesture to indicate their inability to feed their families.

One of the workers participating in the protest told KHRN that the workers of Mariwan Municipality were in extreme hardship as a result of inflation and non-payment of the above-mentioned dues.

He added that they had only been paid a total of 4 million tomans over the past ten months and the officials of Mariwan Municipality as well as the Kurdistan Provincial Government have not heeded the protest of workers which has been ongoing since Monday 21 January.

It should be noted that these workers had also gathered in front of Mariwan Municipality last January in protest to non-payment of their salary.