A female prisoner detained at Khoy Prison was sentenced to death by the Criminal Court (Branch1) of Khoy on charges of adultery (sex outside marriage).

Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) has been informed that Golestan Jankanloo (married with two children from one of the villages of Maku), who was arrested and charged with adultery (sex outside marriage) in 2017 has been sentenced to death by Branch1 of Khoy court.

The verdict was verbally served on her yesterday by the Khoy Prison Administration.

Golestan Jankanloo was arrested about a year ago in Maku, along with a married man. They were both charged with adultery and transferred to Khoy Prison they were both released on bail after a few months. However, the case, which was previously under investigation in the Maku court, was filed with the complaint of the wife of the woman in jail this time to the Branch 1 of the Khoy Justice Court.

However, the complaint of Jankanloo’s husband led to the referral of the case from Maku Court of Justice to Khoy Court of Justice (Branch 1).

Ali Hasanzadeh, chairman of the Khoy who simultaneously heads the branch of a Court of Justice (Criminal Division), sentenced both defendants to death for the charge of adultery. The identity of the man who was detained along with this woman and later released on bail is unknown.

Last week, the KHRN also announced the death sentence for Zahra Derakhshani, another female prisoner detained at Khoy Prison on charges of adultery.