Kurdish Human Rights Network (KHRN): A prisoner, Zahra (surname not revealed) was beaten by Khoy Prison agents and chained to an iron bar for 5 hours as punishment.

According to the information obtained by KHRN, a 25-year-old woman from Khoy was arrested on Sunday, February 24, in one of Khoy’s central streets under the pretext of what the officers called “Bad Hijab”. She was transferred to the prison despite the provision of bail warrant due to having an argument with the judge at the court.

“On Tuesday, February 26 at 10 pm when Zahra was helping a prisoner to look after her baby, she was first mistreated by one of the ward officers under the pretext of breaking the blackout rule. As the argument between the ward officer and Zahra became worked up, several other prison officers attended the scene and severely beat her. “, a reliable source told KHRN.

“The behaviour of the prison authorities with this prisoner was so outrageous and violent that her clothes were torn down and, more ruthlessly, her prostheses leg was removed when she was taken out of the cell by the officers.”, the source added.

Zahra was detained for 5 hours in the ward’s hallway, but she was allowed her to return to her cell with the mediation of other prisoners with the prison officers.