A group of Kolbars from Sardasht in the border area of Betoush was ambushed, arrested and harassed by Iranian border guards.

A Kolbar from Sardasht told Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) that Iranian border guards in the Tatan mountains of the village of Betoush area of Sardasht ambushed a group of Kolbars on December 26 and seized their goods while harassing them for a couple of hours. 

According to this Kolbar, the border guards at Dasht Kapran checkpoint kept the kolbars in the mountains at night without a shoe and forced them to roll on the ground covered with snow.

According to the above source, the group of harassed Kolbars included 6 Kolbars who were released after a few hours in the mountainous area of the border.

It is noteworthy that Kolbars have been repeatedly harassed by border guards, but they have been reluctant to file a complaint in this regard for fear of being prosecuted and fined on charges of smuggling goods.