“Security forces in Kermanshah and Marivan are trying to introduce Borhan Mansournia as one of the martyrs of the Islamic Republic of Iran,” said a close friend of Borhan Mansournia who was killed in the November 2019 protests.

Borhan Mansournia, a Kurdish civilian from Marivan and a vet graduated from Orumiyeh University, was shot by security forces during a mass protest in Kermanshah. Mansournia was in Kermanshah on his military service after obtaining his degree. On November 16, 2019 , He was shot in the back. The bullet went through his stomach and he was seriously injured for which he underwent surgery but he later lost his life due to his critical injury. Four other protestors were killed during protests in Marivan in November.

According to the source, “filing a complaint about the deaths of Borhan Mansournia required to fill in a forensic medical form and obtain his medical records from the hospital. However, despite numerous referrals to Kermanshah Forensic Medicine and Taleghani Hospital, his family have not received any response in this regard yet.”

 “When Borhan was admitted to Taleghani Hospital, the surgeon (whose name is not disclosed by KHRN) refused to provide the medical facilities needed for his treatment. The same doctor is currently preventing his medical records being completed and given to the Mansouria family. “, the source added.

Mansouria’s family have no hope in pursuing the judicial investigations and filing a complaint against authorities for the killing of their son due to the attempts of Taleghani Hospital and Kermanshah Forensic Medicine to prevent justice being done. Mansournia’s family has been informed by security sources that they had taken all the necessary steps to name “Borhan Mansournia” as a martyr of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The last step involves announcing this news in the media with the presence of government officials at the Borhan Mansouria family home. However, Mansournia’s family have refused to cooperate in this matter.

According to the source, these agencies intend to present themselves at the Borhan Mansrnia’s family home while taking the reporters of Islamic Republic of Iran’s Broadcasting in an effort to change the reality of his death. The same scenario happened with Sane Jaleh’s family, [the student at the University of Arts who was was shot dead during the demonstration on February 14, 2011].

Mourning ceremonies of casualties of November 2019 protests held in Marivan

Security forces threaten, summon, and interrogate members of the Mansournia family whenever the news or reports about Mansournia’s death is broadcasted by the overseas media.

The source concludes that the evidence and content of the successive threats by the security agencies suggest that if Mansournia family will face dangerous consequences if they continue to resist their son being called a martyr. Investigations and interviews carried out by the KHRN show that the families of those killed during November protests in the cities of Kermanshah, Marivan, Sanandaj, Javanrood show are also being pressured by security agencies and some families have had no choice but to accept their loved one being named as martyrs of the Islamic Republic of Iran.