The “Week in brief” by Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) is a weekly review of the most important human rights news and developments from and about Iran’s Kurdish areas.

Iran forces continue killing Kurdish Kolbars in border areas

Iran’s Disciplinary Forces (NAJA) have killed a Kurdish Kolbar and injured two others.

The Kolbars were targeted in the Shaanayi Sheikh border region without any prior warnings, a source said.

The Iranian armed forces killed Kurdish Kolbar Hassan Moradi, who is from Aminabad village of Piranshahr area, the source said.

The two injured Kolber workers, Simko Ahmadi and Rahman Mahmoodnejad, were taken to hospital and they are still receiving medical treatment for their critical wounds.

Iran’s NAJA forces shot and wounded Kurdish Kolbar Rameh Mohammadi on 24 August. He died of his wounds on 13 November.

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Three prisoners hanged on murder charges in Iran’s Tabriz

Three prisoners have been executed on murder charges at Iran’s Tabriz Central Prison in the morning of 22 November.

The prisoners hanged were Jamal Ghanbari, Saeed Asqari, and Ali Delgoshadi, a source said in an interview with the KHRN.

Ghanbari was from Tabriz, Asqari was from Miyaneh and Delgoshadi was from Mamaghan, the source said.

They were taken to solitary confinement cells of Tabriz Central Prison a day before their execution, the source said.

Iranian media inside the country have not yet reported the news of the executions.

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Kurdish female asylum seekers in Turkey face extradition to Iran

Iranian Kurdish female asylum seekers in Turkey’s Istanbul are facing extradition to Iran after they were arrested by Turkish forces despite that they had officially applied for protection from the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

Documents received by KHRN confirm that the detained are asylum seekers.

Turkish intelligence forces had “kidnapped” the two Iranian Kurdish activists, Shiva and Maria Ghalvazi, in Istanbul, the source said.

Turkish human rights organisation were informed of their cases and demanded that they have lawyers while they are being detained at a Turkish security detention centre, but members of a Turkish human rights organisation have been told that the detained Iranian Kurdish women will not be allowed to have any legal representations.

The mother of the two activists, Shida Rahimi, was detained after her arrest in May last year in Iran’s Kurdish Sanandaj and later released on bail of 300 million Tomans.

She was later sentenced to six years in prison and the family fled to Turkey to seek asylum.

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