The “Week in brief” by Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) is a weekly review of the most important human rights news and developments from and about Iran’s Kurdish areas.

Injured Iranian Kurdish prisoner ends hunger strike in Sanandaj

Iranian Kurdish political prisoner Ramin Hussein Panahi has ended his hunger strike iafter he was allowed to meet his brother and the authorities promising to look into his case and demands.

A source said Panahi went on hunger strike to protest against the ambiguity around the handling of his case at a detention centre of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) and the authorities refusing to transfer him to the Sanandaj Central Prison.

Panahi was a political activist and member of a Kurdish armed opposition group, the Komala party.

He was wounded amid clashes between IRGC and Komala armed members in Sanandaj back in July.

He was arrested while wounded after he had sustained rifle shot wounds during the IRGC-Komala, confrontation.

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Ailing political prisoner returned to jail without given medical help

Political prionser Mohammad Nazari, who was recently on hunger strike for over 80 days, has ben returned to his jail from hospital in Orumiyeh without having been given appropriate medical care.

A source told KHRN that he was taken to a hospital outside the prison on 13 December and returned to the prison after a normal check up, although he needed to have a kidney surgery.

Doctors at the clinic of his prison, the Orumiyeh Central Prison, had warned to urgently take him to an outside hospital so he receives immediate kidney treatment.

His health has since kept deteriorating even further because he has not been receiving the medical help.

Violating a prisoner’s right to proper medical care is against both Iranian and international law.

He was imprisoned in Tehran for 24 years before his prison relocation and went on hunger strike July this year to protest against the authorities not implementing Article 10 of the Procedural Law in his case.

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Prisoner hanged on murder charge in Iran’s Tabriz prison

Ibrahim Rezaei was executed on murder charges on 12 December at Tabriz Central Prison.

He was jailed at the prison’s Ward 9 and prison guards took him to a death row solitary confinement cell before his execution.

Iranian national media have not reported this prisoner’s execution.

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Wartime land mine claims lives and land

Wartime land mines planted decades ago have kept claiming lives and land in in Iran’s Kurdish region.

A land mine explosion killed two IRGC members in the Bamo area on 12 December.

A land mine detecting and defusing officer was also severely wounded after he stepped on a mine in the Mihran area.

Earlier this month, blast of an old wartime bomb also claimed three lives.

Land mines planted during the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s in the Kurdish areas bordering Iraq have not been cleared properly and they have proved deadly for the local civilian population, the children in particular.

The danger has affected local agriculture as well, as Kurdish farmers have abandoned most parts of the fertile land along the Iran-Iraq border because of fear and uncertainty looming over the fact that parts of the border area are covered by deadly land mines.

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