Investigations carried out by the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) demonstrate the human rights violations committed by Iran against Kurds in the first month of the year as 101 have been arrested, six have lost their lives while trading across borders, one shot dead by the police, and a man executed in prison.

According to information collected by the statistics and documentation centre of the KHRN, at least 101 Kurdish civilians and activists were arrested in 15 different cities in Iran, in January 2021.

Of these, 11 were arrested for the execution of their imprisonment sentences while 90 were taken into custody by security forces. At the same time, more than 30 civil society, religious, cultural, literary, and art activists were summoned by security agencies and interrogated for several hours.

In the same period, at least six kolbars lost their lives due to avalanches, frostbite, and cardiac arrests while four others were injured due to gunshots by border guards. A Kurdish tradesman named Yousef Fattahzadeh from Baneh was also shot dead by Iranian police on 18 January.

During January, 15 Kurdish civilians and activists were sentenced to three to five years in prison by the Islamic Revolutionary Courts in different cities. This month also saw the execution of a 46-year- old prisoner named Fateh Ghaderi, who was charged with “premeditated murder”, carried out in Sanandaj Prison.

Names of civilians and activists arrested in January:

Prison sentences :