In February, 10 Kurdish activists were detained and 12 activists who had previously been released on bail were sentenced to prison terms. Also three people – including two military personnel – lost their lives in landmine explosions while three others were injured in the past month. Furthermore, three Kurdish civilians were killed by Iranian security forces.


In February, 10 Kurdish activists were arrested by the security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Three of these activists were transferred to Naqadeh Prison to serve their prison sentences, while seven others were taken to secret detention centres of the Ministry of Intelligence and the Intelligence Organisation of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) in the cities of Orumiyeh, Sanandaj, and Marivan.

Names and detention dates and locations of these activists are as follows:

NameDetention dateDetention location
Salim Sharifi1 FebruaryOshnavieh
Roya Jalali2 FebruarySanandaj
Shahab Ahmadi2 FebruaryMahabad
Arezoo Mostafaei6 FebruaryMarivan
Taha Atash-Afrouz7 FebruaryPiranshahr
Ali Azarbarzin8 FebruaryPiranshahr
Seyyed Najmaddin Hosseini8 FebruaryPiranshahr
Behzad Advaei23 FebruarySarvabad
Mohammad Mangor Kurdistani23 FebruaryPiranshahr
Ahmad Abdollahpour27 FebruaryPiranshahr

Prison sentences

In February, 12 activists, who had previously been detained and are currently on bail, were sentenced to three months to five years in prison.

Names, charges, and sentences of these activists are as follows:

NameCharged withSentence
Ahmad MohammadiSpying for a Kurdish opposition partyFive years in prison
Faranak JamshidiMembership in a Kurdish opposition party and propaganda against the state 
Mohammad MansouriUnknownDismissal from work
Hashem MoradiMembership in a Kurdish opposition partyFive years in prison
Esmail MohammadpourMembership in a Kurdish opposition partyFive years in prison
Ali BayazidpourMembership in a Kurdish opposition partyFive years in prison
Khezr Qaderi-AzarMembership in a Kurdish opposition partyFive years in prison
Shafi MohammadnezhadMembership in a Kurdish opposition partyFive years in prison
Zara MohammadiForming groups and association for disrupting national securityReduced 10 years imprisonment to five
Hossein HassankhaniPropaganda against the stateThree months in prison
Taher HosseinzadehPropaganda against the stateOne year and one day in prison
Shahnaz SadeqifarActiing against national securityReduced 15 years imprisonment to five years and one day

Landmine explosions

In the past month, one citizen and two Iranian military personnel lost their lives and three Kurdish civilians were injured in landmine explosions in the border areas with Iraq.

Names and status of these people and the dates and locations of the incidents are as follows:

NameDead/injuredLocation of explosionDate of explosion
Nader BararianDeadMehran12 February
Alireza GolmohammadiDeadMehran18 February
Mohammad Haj-GhasemiDeadMehran18 February
UnknownInjuredMehran12 February
UnknownInjuredQasr-e Shirin21 February
UnknownInjuredQasr-e Shirin22 February

Killing of civilians by security forces

Iranian security forces killed three Kurdish civilians throughout February.

On 24 February, security-military officers of the Hamzeh Seyyed al-Shohada base of the IRGC in West Azerbaijan province targeted the vehicle of brothers Abdollah Naderi and Osman Naderi with machineguns while they were driving to the village of Shinabad of Piranshahr. They were shot dead on the location of the incidence.

The Ministry of Intelligence of the Islamic Republic of Iran issued a statement on the same day claiming that these individuals intended to carry out an armed attack on an Iranian military post after entering Iran from the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Sources from the region refuted these claims and told the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) that the security forces opened fire on the vehicle of the two brothers without any prior warning, adding that no shots were fired by the brothers.

Separately, on 6 February, police shot Kurdish civilian Behzad Hatami Asl while he was traveling by his car from Khoy to Mako, causing his car to overturn. He was taken to a hospital in Khoy after being injured, but died a few days later due to the severity of his injuries.